Tonup helmet



Making a ton was English slang to describe who was riding at a speed of 100 mph or more. Tonup is a small, homologated, lightweight helmet for those who make motorcycling a lifestyle. A Nugema® thermoplastic helmet. Fair protection and maximum comfort renewed.



Nugema® shell, thermoplastic alloy with greater impact resistance and durability. This mixture shows a synergistic effect resulting from excellent impact resistance. Nugema® thermoplastic has an excellent hardness at any temperature, which makes it ideal for a product that will face a wide range of temperatures during its useful life. Superior protection for your head.



The extreme lightness of this model together with its studied ergonomics favour its use. It occupies little space, it is easy to remove and put on, it does not give a feeling of being overwhelmed. Light weight, great comfort.



The shell was made with a wide front opening that guarantees a great viewing angle. A strip at the back ensures the fixing of the optional glasses. This helmet is prepared to fix a universal visor that will prevent the sun from dazzling you or a visor with which you can circulate even in cold or at a certain speed without danger of impacts on your face.



Available in 21 colours ! (see images)


Sizes : XS to XL

Weight: 900 ±50gr.

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