R&G heated grips


Motorcycle Heated Grips (for 22mm / 7/8-inch handlebars/clipons

R&G Heated grips add months to your motorcycling season and comfort to almost any ride, with easy to install electronics wiring and 58 heat setting adjustments you can optimize the heat output to suit your needs.

Fitting 22mm (7/8 inch) diameter handlebars/clip-ons and are 124mm (4.9 inches) in length long (the most common grip size for sportbikes, endures, and scooters). In only 2 minutes the grips heat up to 35ºC and on those really cold days, increase the heat setting (using the easy to use control box) to get warmth up to a toasty 60ºC is only a few taps away! Includes fused, pre-terminated wiring harness for connection to your motorcycle battery or switched live circuit. Note: Maximum power consumption for these heated grips is 4.0 amps per pair (48 watts).


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