METZLER – Sportec M3


Proven radial sport tyre for performance bikes

Trajectory precision

Fast corner entry with a progressive cornering behavior and high speed stability.
Traction and dry grip with full support at high lean angles.
Feedback: fast and light riding, feeling the bike reactions at lean.
Trajectory not affected by corner braking, improving riding confidence.

Safe wet performance and durability

Wet safety, reduced aquaplaning for high contact feeling when cornering.
Dry grip and performance stability allow every rider to exploit his bike with high safety margins.
Predictable grip feedback to exploit power output of modern bikes.
Braking stability for later braking, higher safety at all speed, on all road conditions.

Appealing tread pattern design

High-performing tyre with a modern, stylish and appealing tread pattern design.
Technological knowledge and R&D know-how to satisfy high performance of supersport and naked motorcycles.

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