METZLER – Sportec Klassik


Classic sport design tyre with modern performance

  • Maximum water evacuation from the contact patch
  • High stability in acceleration
  • Long lasting performance over an increased tyre life
  • Top quality riding until the last kilometer
Dry and wet grip
The specific compound of SPORTEC™ Klassik with a balanced mix of carbon black and silica grants a high level of grip in both dry and wet surfaces, reducing the quantities of grooves necessary to ensure effective water dispersal and effectively raising the mileage capabilities.

Grooves geometry and placement has been studied for top efficiency in dispersing water both when riding straight and when turning.
The arrangement in parallel lines, form centre to the side, push the water away from contact patch, while increasing the traction when accelerating out from corners.
Thanks to this, SPORTEC™ Klassik tread design features considerably lower number of grooves, carefully placed to maximise tread pattern sturdiness and to grant a higher land/sea ratio.

Trajectory precision
The high land-to-sea ratio means more rubber on the ground, offering more grip and higher mileage, profile consistency, better handling and confident predictability when turning.
Performance consistency and durability
The tread design echoes the glorious times of ME1 CompK, widely appreciated for its compactness and sturdiness that contributes both to high mileage and how the tyre behave in the various stages of its lifecycle.

The lean and linear design promotes an uniform wear, the contact patch maintains its optimal shape and grooves efficiency even after many kms. This prevents also the insurgence of vibrations, oscillations and noise, and preserves the tyre dampening capacity.

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