METZLER – Racetec SM


Racetec™ line tyre specialised for supermoto. Advanced racing compounds and profile for the most effective straight and sideways riding

Superb line holding and excellent steering precision while braking
METZELER RACETEC™ SM offers the rider the possibility to choose, for the front wheel, among two different rim sizes which one is the best for their bike and riding style. Both feature a 0° steel belt, for oustanding line holding and steering precision while braking.

16,5″ Front Wheel
16,5″ (R420) front range available in K1 and K2 compound to battle in S1,S2 and S3 Supermoto classes (ON/OFF road track). The new structure delivers faster corner entry, superb line holding and contact feeling while cornering.

17,0″ Front Wheel
17″ front range, available in K1 and K2 compound, excel in S4 Supermoto class (ON road only track) combining supermoto with the METZELER Road Racing experience.

Fast warm-up, immediate self-cleaning

Thanks to innovative mixing process and to high ultra-fine silica content, RACETEC™ SM delivers quick warm-up and immediate self-cleaning in all compounds. RACETEC™ SM can be used without tyre warmers.

Front compounds
RACETEC™ SM  All front tyres feature 100% silica compounds, with a reduced porosity, to ensure fast warm up and self-cleaning properties after riding on dirt track section. Compound choice should be mainly based on riding style (Stability Vs Contact feeling) and operating temperature.

Rear compounds
RACETEC™ SM Rear compounds feature an enhanced thermal stability to keep under control the overheating effect triggered by drifting in the shoulder area. Compound choice should be based on asphalt roughness and operating temperature,  as well as by the trade off between peak performance and durability.

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