METZELER Sportec M5 Interact


The perfect all-round supersport tyre

Remarkable performance thanks to Interact™ technology and balanced silica compounds

Grip in lean and cornering precision

Thanks to the Interact™ technology, the variable steel string winding tension with 5 zone that delivers differentiated behaviour from crown to shoulder.
High tension reduces compound movement.
Low tension creates more flexibility and energy absorption.
Higher tension ensures maximum and uniform pressure of the footprint area.

High performance and safety on wet

Thanks to the interaction of the Greek π tread pattern design with a balanced silica compound and resins blend that generate quick warm up and excellent wet behavior.

Leaning easiness and fast stand up

The interaction between the patented Greek π tread design and the variable steel string winding tension (Interact™) structure where the grooves tune and modify the tyre flexibility exactly where needed, generating a larger and shorter shape of the footprint area

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