K&N Air filters & Oil filters


AIR FILTER (Washable/Reusable)
K&N delivers the same high-flow technology in every filter they manufacture. Headquartered in Riverside, California, K&N, has been the world leader in performance filter technology since 1969. Creating a high-flow, washable and reusable air filter put K&N on the map.
Designed to provide low restriction resulting in increased airflow and high performance.
Pleated media provides a large filtration area offering long service intervals

OIL FILTERS (Wrench-off)
K&N delivers a premium oil filter built to withstand the high demands of racing conditions. K&N oil filters are designed with a high-flow synthetic media that is engineered to provide high flow rates and outstanding filtration. They are ideal for use with premium synthetic and tradition oils. In order to ease maintenance, a 17mm nut has been welded to the top to allow for easy removal, especially in tight, hard to reach spaces. A heavy duty canister provides a high-burst strength while also adding extra protection from debris and rocks in off-road environments. K&N oil filters deliver performance and confidence!
Specially designed for today’s synthetic and extended service motor oils.
Sturdy 17mm hex nut eases removal in hard to reach areas.
Ideal for hard to reach oil filters, do-it-yourself oil changes, high performance engines, and track or race applications.
K&N limited warranty.

K&N air filters cleaning supplies are available for K&N cotton, synthetic and heavy duty synthetic air filters. K&N OE replacement air filters have cotton media and are cleaned with K&N Power Kleen Industrial Strength Degreaser and then oiled with a specialized blend of filter oil.


Available in stores for most motorcycles on the market