BC DUETTO Battery Charger


BC DUETTO is a universal charger for both lead-acid and lithium batteries, with two specific and different charging programs for the two battery types.

It has a maximum charging current of 1 Amp, which makes it suitable also for car batteries, and it features a temperature sensor: when the lithium charging program is selected, in case of low temperatures the “Polar” mode gets active, to ensure a totally safe and effective charge also in critical ambient conditions.


2 programs: Lead-Acid, Lithium

8-steps algorithm for lead-acid batteries: initialization, recovery, soft & bulk charge, equalization, analysis and maintenance

Battery types: 12V lead-acid (tradition, gel, MF, AGM, EFB, VRLA, Ca/Ca…) +12V lithium

Protections: polarity inversion, short circuit, overcharging, overheating. No sparks.

It verifies if the battery is able to retain its charge

Technical Data:

Input Voltage: 220/240V ac, 50-60hZ

Output Voltage: 13.8V/14.4V – nom. 12V

Charging Current: 15 A max

Operating Temperature: -20ºC – +50ºC

Size: 160 x 85 x 60 mm